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Explore further the world of data science, machine learning and artificial intelligence We are on a mission to get the best content relevant to data science, machine learning, and artificial … Read more

Minimum CRPS vs. maximum likelihood

In a new paper in Monthly Weather Review, minimum CRPS and maximum likelihood estimation are compared for fitting heteroscedastic (or nonhomogenous) regression models under different response distributions. Minimum CRPS is … Read more

Quoting Concatenate

In our last note we used wrapr::qe() to help quote expressions. In this note we will discuss quoting and code-capturing interfaces (interfaces that capture user source code) a bit more. … Read more

Robots that Reason

Inorganic knowledge traditions with model-based reinforcement learning This essay explores the concept of inorganic knowledge traditions capable of sequential improvement using model based reinforcement learning Many behavioral economists presently believe … Read more

linl 0.0.3: Micro release

Our linl package for writing LaTeX letter with (R)markdown had a fairly minor release today, following up on the previous release well over a year ago. This version just contains … Read more