Docker Basics

Docker is a tool which helps developers build and ship high quality applications, faster, anywhere. Source Why Docker With Docker, developers can build any app in any language using any … Read more

Scrum PSM I

After getting the PSM I I wanted to capture the relevant content. The complete guido can be downloaded here: 1. What is Scrum? Scrum is a framework for … Read more

Coding the Matrix

How to test the solutions python3 Lab 1: Introduction to Python—sets, lists, dictionaries, and comprehensions Python provides some simple data structures for grouping together multiple values, and integrates … Read more

Conway’s Law

Many organizations have become adept at identifying what they need from software development projects, based on a keen understanding of their business goals. Even so, they’re often surprised to find … Read more


Hi, I am Christoph, the Lead Data Scientist in the BI Competence Center at the Austrian Postal Service. I am responsible for designing the data science architecture, building the data … Read more