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Could Machines Become Creative?

AI and Knowledge Work By Dirk Knemeyer and Jonathan Follett Figure 01: Creative output from AI, like artwork, has seen its proof of concept in recent years. What can we expect from AI in the years ahead? [Photo: by Martino Pietropoli on Unsplash] AI automation is coming, and it’s going

Layman’s Introduction to Backpropagation

Training a neural network is no easy feat but it can be simple to understand it Backpropagation is the process of tuning a neural network’s weights to better the prediction accuracy. There are two directions in which information flows in a neural network. Forward propagation — also called inference — is when data goes

Automatic Text Summarization : Simplified

Take a peek into the world of Automatic Text Summarization Why Text Summarization? Judging a book by its cover is not the way to go.. but I guess a summary should do just fine. In a world where internet is getting exploded with a hulking amount of data every day,

A glance into competitive data science: the best practices for computer vision

Fast Fourier Transforms and melspectrograms: how to feed sounds into a CNN? Since the beginning of the article, you might find it weird that I speak about computer vision and sounds at the same time. Indeed, a sound is a time-based signal composed of multiple samples. At first, we could think

The risks of AI outsourcing — how to successfully work with AI startups

AI seems to be everywhere. It is near impossible to read the media without hearing about the transformative impact of AI on businesses. Gartner research predicts that enterprises will derive up to $3.9 trillion in value from AI by 2022. From HR to finance to operations and sales and marketing,

The Dos and Don’ts of Customer Service Automation

In this era, companies must stay on their toes at all times to adapt to rapidly changing customer needs and the market trends that shift at a similar pace. Today, a business MUST offer exceptional customer experience to remain competitive in the global marketplace. Luckily, the smart capabilities of Artificial

The Prosecutor’s Fallacy

Conditional Probability in the Courtroom The lasso of truth Imagine you have been arrested for murder. You know that you are innocent, but physical evidence at the scene of the crime matches your description. The prosecutor argues that you are guilty because the odds of finding this evidence given that you are

The Race for Data Visualization: What is Tableau’s Magic?

The race just heated up. On June 6th Google announced they will be acquiring Looker, the data querying and exploration tool. This is an interesting buy, considering Looker overlaps somewhat with Google’s Data Studio. (However, when I think back to the Google Next conference, I don’t recall one mention of