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5-Steps and 10-Steps, to Learn Machine Learning.

MaherBlockedUnblockFollowFollowing Feb 15 There is a 5-Step shortcut that you can do to be able to solve machine learning problems right away, As a beginner, you can take this path at first if you want to get something done with machine learning. And then you can take the 10-steps path

Time Series in Python —  Part 2: Dealing with seasonal data

In the first part, you learned about trends and seasonality, smoothing models and ARIMA processes. In this part, you’ll learn how to deal with seasonal models and how to implement Seasonal Holt-Winters and Seasonal ARIMA (SARIMA). Getting the data We’ll use the “Monthly milk production” data: Seasonal decomposition (TLS) In the

Automatic Classification of an online Fashion Catalogue: The Simple Way

I have been working with Tensorflow during last months and I realized that, although there is a large number of Github repositories with many different and complex models, is hard to find a simple example that shows you how to obtain your own dataset from the web and apply some

Data Science for Decision Makers

Introduction In this article, I’m interviewing a veteran data scientist, Dr Stylianos (Stelios) Kampakis, about his career to date and how he helps decision makers across a range of businesses understand how data science can benefit them. Dr Stelios Kampakis (image: his own) While data science is a field showing immense

A Hitchhiker’s Guide to Mixture Density Networks

Assessing the uncertainty of predictions is elementary for business decisions. Mixture density networks help you to better understand the uncertainty you are facing in the real world. Introduction Uncertainty is a key element in every decision we make. In business, however, managers regularly face decisions entailing a wide variety of unforeseeable

Weekly Selection — Feb 15, 2019

TDS TeamBlockedUnblockFollowFollowing Feb 15 A Gentle Introduction to Graph Neural Networks (Basics, DeepWalk, and GraphSage) By 黃功詳 Steeve Huang — 8 min read Recently, Graph Neural Network (GNN) has gained increasing popularity in various domains, including social network, knowledge graph, recommender system, and even life science.

10 Python File System Methods You Should Know

In this guide we’ll look at methods from the os and shutil modules. The os module is the primary Python module for interacting with the operating system. The shutil module also contains high-level file operations. For some reason you make directories with os but move and copy them with shutil.

Car Selection and Sales day prediction

This project is inspired by Drivetime Sedans case study from the book “Marketing Data Science: Modelling Techniques in Predictive Analytics with R and Python” by Thomas Miller. The author only provides the dataset and problem statements. You can have access to the dataset and my R code here. 1. Introduction

What To Optimize for? Loss Function Cheat Sheet

Some tips in finding the right target for optimization, and how to figure it out for your use case In one of his books, Isaac Asimov envisions a future where computers have become so intelligent and powerful, that they are able to answer any question. In that future, Asimov postulates, scientists