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This AI Can Detect Image Manipulation, And Might Well Be Our Savior

Much has been written and discussed about the threat of image manipulation on our society. As deepfakes and AI-powered image editing continue to grow in usage, it’s only a matter of time before seeing is no longer believing. The ramifications of this would be catastrophic. Edited videos of politicians could

Fun with R and the Noops

Earlier this week, Github introduced Noops, a collection of simple black-box machines with API endpoints, with the goal of challenging developers of all skill levels to solve problems with them. Five “Noops” machines have been released so far along with challenges suitable for beginner programmers, with 15 further machines (and

Plotly Express: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

It might be newer, but is it better? Creating effective data visualizations is a very important part of data science from the beginning to the end of the data science process. Using visualizations during your exploratory data analysis is a great way to get a good idea of what your data

Brilliant Jerks, Crazy Hotties, and Other Artifacts of Range Restriction

When people write about Steve Jobs, they mention that he was brilliant but caustic: he could instantly solve design problems that had bedeviled his team for months, but he’d summarily fire people for minor mistakes. Since a lot of people want to be like Steve Jobs, and since being a

Conversational AI: Design & Build a Contextual Assistant- Part 2

What can you do, Coop? Since the primary purpose of the assistant, let’s name it Coop, is to book awesome vacations, Coop requires key pieces of information from the user in order to do so. For the purpose of this article, let’s assume Coop only needs the number of people, the

Data Science as Software: from Notebooks to Tools [Part 3]

Before we conclude this series I want to touch on a topic that is quite important but sometimes overlooked: How do you share your results? A Jupyter notebook can only get you so far and when it comes to a professional context, sharing results is at least as valuable as

What 70% of Data Science Learners Do Wrong

Lessons Learned from Repeatedly Smashing My Head With a 2-Meter Long Metal Pole For A College Engineering Course I actively searched for hard and useful classes for most of my time in college. But, I got tired by my final year, and I wanted a break. So I took a

The Non-Technical Guide to Artificial Intelligence

According to McKinsey, AI will create an estimated $13 trillion of GDP growth between now and 2030. As a comparison, the GDP of the entire United States of America was around 19 trillion in 2017. Leading AI scientists, like Andrew Ng, describe AI as the fourth industrial revolution or „the

Learning Like Babies — Image Classification Using Semi-Supervised Learning

Inside AI Image Classification Using Semi-Supervised Learning This project was developed by Evgenii Nikitin, @sunor.yavuz, and Manrique Features of visual hierarchy Simple CNN architecture for image classification (right) Convolutional Neural Nets (CNNs), a concept that has achieved the greatest performance for image classification, was inspired by the mammalian visual cortex