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TD3: Learning To Run With AI

This article looks at one of the most powerful and state of the art algorithms in Reinforcement Learning (RL), Twin Delayed Deep Deterministic Policy Gradients (TD3)( Fujimoto et al., 2018). By the end of this article you should have a solid understanding of what makes TD3 perform so well, be

Linear vs Polynomial Regression Walk-Through

Bluegill Fish — Predicting length from age Fish get bigger as they get older. How predictive is fish length (cm) with age (yr) as our independent variable? Is the relationship best fit with a linear regression? Source of original data: Penn State. — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — – First, let’s bring in the data and a few

The Data Fabric, Containers, Kubernetes, Knowledge-Graphs, and more

Read all the parts here: Part 1, Part-1b, Part 2. In the last article we talked about the building blocks of a knowledge-graph, now we will go a step further and learn the basic concepts, technologies and languages we need to understand to actually build it. Table of Contents Introduction In the

Using Fastai for Image Classification

Learn how to build a state-of-the-art image classifier in no time with fastai I recently took a peek into Jeremy Howard’s 2019 course on deep learning. I never used the Fastai library before so I was pretty amazed by its level of abstraction that allows you to create stage-of-the-art neural networks

A Learning Engine for Embodied AI

This essay introduces a deep learning framework for creating autonomous agents within the game simulator An Agent Learning a Match to Sample Task using Neurostudio Modern game engines with their high-fidelity representations of physics and visual environments have emerged as a viable simulator for training many kinds of embodied AI.

Advanced Ensemble Classifiers

Ensemble is a Latin-derived word which means ‘union of parts’. The regular classifiers that are used often are prone to make errors. As much as these errors are inevitable they can be reduced with the proper construction of a learning classifier. Ensemble learning is a way of generating various base

Getting Started with

A Guided Walkthrough for Powerful Visualizations in Python Authors: Elyse Lee and Ishaan Dey Matplotlib is alright, Seaborn is great, but That’s on an entirely new level. offers more than your average graph by providing options for full interactivity and many editing tools. Differentiated from the others by having

A Neanderthal’s Guide to Apache Spark in Python

Coding in PySpark Because we want to be working with columnar data, we’ll be using DataFrames which are a part of Spark SQL. NOTE: To avoid possible confusion, despite the fact that we will be working with Spark SQL, none of this will be SQL code. You can write SQL queries

Brain Tumour Segmentation using Pyramid Scene Parsing (PSPNet)

Doing cool things with data! Introduction Cancer is one of the deadliest diseases faced by mankind since ancient times. Almost 30% of the population of the world succumbs to cancer every year. If the tumour is detected in early stages , the chances of survival increase drastically. Deep Learning (CNN) has