Great post Yash!

Great post Yash! For those readers interested in getting data from the fitbit API using R I’ve documented the process here: Related offers daily e-mail updates about R … Read more

ggmap Tutorial Updated!

Y’all it may have taken me a little time, but I did listen. Thank you for your emails. Because of you, I have now updated my ggmap tutorial to address … Read more

CRAN Release of R/exams 2.3-2

New minor release of the R/exams package to CRAN, containing a range of smaller improvements and bug fixes. Notably scanning of written NOPS exams is enhanced and made more reliable … Read more

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Canada Map

I taught my Data Visualization seminar in Philadelphia this past Friday and Saturday. It covers most of the content of my book, including a unit on making maps. The examples … Read more

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It was twenty years ago …

… this week that I made a first cameo in the debian/changelog for the Debian R package: r-base (0.63.1-1) unstable; urgency=low New upstream release Linked html directory to /usr/doc/r-base/doc/html (Dirk … Read more

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Timing Grouped Mean Calculation in R

This note is a comment on some of the timings shared in the dplyr-0.8.0 pre-release announcement. The original published timings were as follows: With performance metrics: measurements are marketing. So … Read more

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R some blog 2018-12-08 04:19:00

Motivation The dplyr functions select and mutate nowadays are commonly applied to perform data.frame column operations, frequently combined with magrittrs forward %>% pipe. While working well interactively, however, these methods … Read more

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R Functions for Bayesian Stats and Summaries

A new update of my sjstats-package just arrived at CRAN. This blog post demontrates those functions of the sjstats-package that deal especially with Bayesian models. The update contains some new and some revised functions to compute summary statistics of Bayesian models, which are now described in more detail.

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