Using dqrng as user-supplied RNG

My dqrng package has some quite old issues, one is “More distribution functions” where I brought forward the idea to support additional distribution functions within dqrng, which currently only supports … Read more


If you like mountains, R and T-shirts, I got you covered. Here we use {elevatr} to get a DEM around some well known summits and make a map consisting only … Read more

Parallel raster processing in stars

[view raw Rmd] Summary: Prediction on large datasets can be time-consuming, but with enough computing power, this task can be parallelized easily. Some algorithms provide native multithreading like predict() function … Read more

The Cantor expansion revisited

On my former blog, I wrote a post about the Cantor expansion of a natural integer. This is a generalization of the well-known binary expansion. For example, the Cantor \((3,4,5)\)-expansion … Read more 2023-09-09 04:02:52

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CRAN Download counts

I really like developing software and making my own life and work easier with it. But what I enjoy even more is to see others actually use it! So every … Read more