SQL Joins

Showing different types of SQL joins with a pandas dataframe SQL can be a little intimidating when you’ve never used it before. You’ll hear people talking about complex joins between … Read more

Airbnb Knowledge Repo

The Knowledge Repo project is focused on facilitating the sharing of knowledge between data scientists and other technical roles using data formats and tools that make sense in these professions. … Read more

Lot’s of JSON

Getting Started We can use %%bash magic to print a sample of our file: %%bash head ../input/roam_prescription_based_prediction.jsonl {“cms_prescription_counts”: {“CEPHALEXIN”: 23, “AMOXICILLIN”: 52, “HYDROCODONE-ACETAMINOPHEN”: 28},”provider_variables”: {“settlement_type”: “non-urban”, “generic_rx_count”: 103, “specialty”: “General … Read more