Machine Learning Serverlessly

How to build a complicated Machine Learning web application serverlessly on AWS GIF by author A lot of work and effort goes into productionizing a machine learning based product. We recently finished developing a web application to predict an Olympic diver’s performance. Given an Olympic diver’s video, the web app predicts what score a human … Read more

Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL supports new minor versions 13.5, 12.9, 11.14, 10.19, and 9.6.24; Amazon RDS on Outposts supports new PostgreSQL minor versions 13.5 and 12.9

Following the announcement of updates to the PostgreSQL database, we have added support in Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS) for PostgreSQL minor versions 13.5, 12.9, 11.14, 10.19, and 9.6.24. We have also added support in Amazon RDS on Outposts for PostgreSQL minor versions 13.5 and 12.9. This release closes security vulnerabilities in PostgreSQL and … Read more

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Amazon SageMaker Pipelines now supports concurrency control

Amazon SageMaker Pipelines, a fully managed service that allows customers to define and orchestrate their model building steps as workflows, now allows customers to set concurrency limits on the number of steps which can be executed in parallel. SageMaker Pipelines provides a variety of steps (e.g. processing, training, register model, callback etc.). These steps allow customers … Read more

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Amazon EMR now supports Apache Iceberg, a highly performant, concurrent, ACID-compliant table format for data lakes

We are excited to announce that Amazon EMR 6.5.0 now includes Apache Iceberg version 0.12. Apache Iceberg is an open table format for large data sets in Amazon S3 and provides fast query performance over large tables, atomic commits, concurrent writes, and SQL-compatible table evolution. With the current release, you can use Apache Spark 3.1.2 … Read more

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Amazon FinSpace managed Apache Spark clusters now support Apache Spark 3

Amazon FinSpace managed Spark clusters now support Apache Spark 3.1.2. Apache Spark 3 has query optimization features like dynamic partition pruning to optimize joins such as joining a large fact table of trades with a smaller dimension table of execution centers. It also includes changes to be more compatible with the ANSI SQL standard and … Read more

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Sprinklr and Google Cloud join forces to help enterprises reimagine their customer experience management strategiesSprinklr and Google Cloud join forces to help enterprises reimagine their customer experience management strategiesDirector of ISV/Marketplace & Partner Sales

Enterprises are increasingly seeking out technologies that help them create unique experiences for customers with speed and at scale. At the same time, customers want flexibility when deciding where to manage their enterprise data, particularly when it comes to business-critical applications. That’s why I’m thrilled that Sprinklr, the unified customer experience management (Unified-CXM) platform for … Read more

AWS Client VPN now supports banner text and maximum session duration

AWS Client VPN now provides the ability for all customers to display a customizable banner on the AWS Client VPN Desktop application when a VPN session is established. The banner text can contain privacy and security notices that will be displayed to end-users before granting VPN access. Customers will now be able to configure the … Read more

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Bio-pharma organizations can now leverage the groundbreaking protein folding system, AlphaFold, with Vertex AIBio-pharma organizations can now leverage the groundbreaking protein folding system, AlphaFold, with Vertex AIDirector, Industry Solutions, Healthcare & Life Sciences – BioPharma

At Google Cloud, we believe the products we bring to market should be strongly informed by our research efforts across Alphabet. For example, Vertex AI was ideated, incubated and developed based on the pioneering research from Google’s research entities. Features like Vertex AI Forecast, Explainable AI, Vertex AI Neural Architecture Search (NAS) and Vertex AI … Read more

How to publish applications to our users globally with Cloud DNS Routing policies?How to publish applications to our users globally with Cloud DNS Routing policies?Strategic Cloud EngineerCloud DNS Product Manager

In each region, the wiki application is exposed via an Internal Load Balancer (ILB), which engineers connect to over an Interconnect or Cloud VPN connection.  Now our challenge is determining how to send users to the closest available front-end server.  Of course, we could use regional hostnames such as <region> where <region> is US, EU, … Read more

Developing and securing a platform for healthcare innovation with Google CloudDeveloping and securing a platform for healthcare innovation with Google CloudVice President, Chief Information Security Officer, Highmark HealthDirector, Industry Strategy, Google Cloud

In an industry as highly regulated as healthcare, building a single secure and compliant application that tracks patient care and appointments at a clinic requires a great deal of planning from development and security teams. So, imagine what it would be like to build a solution that includes almost everything related to a patient’s healthcare, … Read more

Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP now provides performance and capacity metrics in Amazon CloudWatch

FSx for ONTAP is a storage service that provides the familiar features, performance, capabilities, and APIs of NetApp file systems with the agility, scalability, and simplicity of a fully managed AWS service. Starting today, you can monitor your file systems and volumes without any additional configuration in the Amazon FSx and Amazon CloudWatch consoles. You … Read more

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Cleaning and Normalizing Data Using AWS Glue DataBrew

Once the data is prepared, you will see the data presented in a tabular form with a bunch of options at the top of the table. Here, we can select individual rows, select transformations, preview the results, and then apply the transformations. Also, we can manipulate the columns, such as duplicating columns, splitting columns, etc. … Read more

Elastic and Microsoft Azure: Unified Observability for Spring Boot applications

Today, we are announcing the availability of Elastic integrations for unified observability of Spring Boot applications on Azure. You can seamlessly ship Microsoft Azure Spring Cloud logs and metrics into Elastic, instrument Spring Boot applications, and monitor every step of your cloud journey. You also get a holistic view across Spring Boot applications and other … Read more

Now DynamoDB can return the throughput capacity consumed by PartiQL API calls to help you optimize your queries and throughput costs

Amazon DynamoDB supports PartiQL – a SQL-compatible query language that lets you query, insert, update, and delete table data in DynamoDB. Now DynamoDB PartiQL APIs support ReturnConsumedCapacity, an optional parameter that returns the total read and write capacity consumed, along with statistics for the table and any indexes involved in an operation, to help you optimize … Read more

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Understanding Firestore performance with Key VisualizerUnderstanding Firestore performance with Key VisualizerEngineering Manager for Firestore Performance & ScaleTech Lead and Engineering Manager for Firestore Performance

Firestore is a serverless, scalable, NoSQL document database. It is ideal for rapid and flexible web and mobile application development, and uniquely supports real-time client device syncing to the database. To get the best performance out of Firestore, while also making the most out of Firestore’s automatic scaling and load balancing features, you need to … Read more

How can demand forecasting approach real time responsiveness? Vertex AI makes it possibleHow can demand forecasting approach real time responsiveness? Vertex AI makes it possibleDirector of Product Management, Cloud AI and Industry Solutions

Everyone wishes they had a crystal ball—especially retailers and consumer goods companies looking for the next big trend, or logistics companies worried about the next big storm.  With a veritable universe of data now at their fingertips (or at least at their keyboards), these companies can now get closer to real-time forecasting across a range … Read more

What does “open” really mean to you?

In the world we live in today, almost every announcement has the word “open” in it. Unfortunately, it feels like there are as many definitions of what “open” means as there are announcements mentioning it. Sometimes it means “we have documented our closed-source SDK from our 100 percent proprietary product”, but nothing more. Allow me … Read more

Delivering the connected shopping experience: How Microsoft and Avanade are reimagining retail

This blog post has been co-authored by Charlie Lagervik, Principal Program Manager. Consumers today demand flexibility and convenience in how they purchase everything from groceries to home goods. In addition to shopping online, they are increasingly using mobile devices and other digital services to make in-store shopping more efficient and convenient. In response, retailers are … Read more

Amazon Forecast now supports AWS CloudFormation for managing dataset and dataset group resources

Amazon Forecast now supports AWS CloudFormation, allowing you to utilize CloudFormation templates to provision and manage your dataset and dataset group resources. You can also easily launch and configure dataset and dataset group resources together as a stack, and use a template to create, update, and delete an entire stack as a single unit, as … Read more

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Amazon RDS for Oracle now supports memory optimized R5 instance types in new region

Starting today, you can also now launch additional memory configurations of the R5 instance class in the following AWS Region: Asia Pacific (Jakarta). Many Oracle database workloads require high memory, storage and I/O bandwidth but can safely reduce the number of vCPUs without impacting application performance. Providing up to 768 GiB of memory and a 32:1 … Read more

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Amazon Nimble Studio launches the ability to validate launch profile configurations via the Nimble Studio console

Amazon Nimble Studio today supports the ability for administrators to validate their launch profile configurations directly from the console, which can help them enhance the artist’s experience when provisioning a workstation. Nimble Studio customers can utilize launch profiles to define access to AWS resources and thereby allow artists to connect to managed workstations. As the … Read more

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AWS Storage Gateway is now available in the AWS Asia Pacific (Jakarta) Region

AWS Storage Gateway is a hybrid cloud storage service that provides on-premises applications access to virtually unlimited storage in the cloud. You can use AWS Storage Gateway for backing up and archiving data to AWS, providing on-premises file shares backed by cloud storage, and providing on-premises applications low latency access to data in the cloud. … Read more

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AWS Systems Manager announces support for categorizing documents of type Command Document

Today, AWS Systems Manager announces support for categorizing Amazon owned Command documents for easy discoverability. AWS Systems Manager is the operational hub for AWS, that provides a unified user interface to track and resolve operational issues across AWS applications from a central place. An AWS Systems Manager document (SSM document) defines the actions that Systems … Read more

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10 questions to help boards safely maximize cloud opportunities10 questions to help boards safely maximize cloud opportunitiesVP/CISO, Google CloudDirector, Office of the CISO, Google Cloud

The accelerating pursuit of cloud-enabled digital transformations brings new growth opportunities to organizations, but also raises new challenges. To ensure that they can lock in newfound agility, quality improvements, and marketplace relevance, boards of directors must prioritize safe, secure, and compliant adoption processes that support this new technological environment.  The adoption of cloud at scale … Read more

Quantum Metric explores retail big data use cases on BigQueryQuantum Metric explores retail big data use cases on BigQueryDirector of Product Marketing, Quantum Metric

Editor’s note: To kick off the new year, we invited partners from across our retail ecosystem to share stories, best practices, and tips and tricks on how they are helping retailers transform during a time that has seen tremendous change. The original version of this blog was published by Quantum Metric. Please enjoy this updated … Read more

How Macy’s enhances the customer experience with Google Cloud servicesHow Macy’s enhances the customer experience with Google Cloud servicesDirector of Software Engineering at Macy’s

Editor’s note: Learn from Mohamed Nazeemudeen, Director of software engineering at Macy’s, about Macy’s strategy regarding choosing cloud databases and how Macy’s pricing services leverage Cloud Bigtable under the hood. You can also find Mohamed’s Google Cloud Next ‘21 session on this topic on YouTube. At Macy’s we lead with our aim of fostering memorable … Read more

5 reasons to attend the Azure Virtual Desktop Master Class

There’s still time to register for the Azure Virtual Desktop Master Class on Tuesday, January 25, 2022, from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM Pacific Time. Join us to expand your cloud desktop virtualization skillset and learn how to deliver secure remote work experiences with Azure Virtual Desktop. Here are five great reasons to attend the … Read more

AWS IoT SiteWise Edge supports new data storage and upload prioritization strategies for intermittent cloud connectivity

AWS IoT SiteWise Edge allows you to define edge data storage strategies to prevent loss of operational data while disconnected (up to 30 days) as well as choosing a data upload strategy to the cloud upon re-connection. Application data uploaded to the cloud is often time critical, where values beyond a certain age may not … Read more

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Speed up EfficientNet training on AWS by up to 30% with SageMaker Distributed Data Parallel Library

A deep dive on how SageMaker Distributed Data Parallel helps speed up training of the state-of-the-art EfficientNet model by up to 30% Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs) are now pervasively used to perform computer vision tasks. Domains such as autonomous vehicles, security systems and healthcare are moving towards adopting CNNs in their application workflows. These use-cases … Read more

Where is your Cloud Bigtable cluster spending its CPU?Where is your Cloud Bigtable cluster spending its CPU?Engineering Manager, Cloud BigtableSoftware Engineer, Cloud Bigtable

Alice has now identified the personalization-batch-updater app profile, the personalization table and the MutateRows method as the reason for the increase in CPU utilization that is causing high tail latency of the serving path traffic. With this information, she reaches out to the personalization team to provision the cluster correctly before the batch job starts … Read more

How Bayer Crop Science uses BigQuery and geobeam to improve soil healthHow Bayer Crop Science uses BigQuery and geobeam to improve soil healthSr. Data Engineer at Bayer Crop ScienceSolutions Architect

Bayer Crop Science uses Google Cloud to analyze billions of acres of land to better understand the characteristics of the soil that produces our food crops. Bayer’s teams of data scientists are leveraging services from across  Google Cloud to load, store, analyze, and visualize geospatial data to develop unique business insights. And because much of … Read more

Accelerate your websites with Azure Static Web Apps enterprise-edge

Site performance is crucial when creating applications on the modern web. It has a direct impact on user experience, search engine rankings, and user conversion rates. With Azure Static Web Apps, we’re committed to building a platform that helps you deliver the best results for your users at a global scale. It provides streamlined full-stack … Read more

AWS Fargate is now available in the Asia Pacific (Jakarta) Region

With Fargate, billing is at a per second granularity and customers only pay for the amount of vCPU and memory resources consumed by their application. Additionally, customers can deploy interrupt-tolerant applications on Fargate Spot to get up to 70% discount compared to Fargate prices. Alternatively, customers can also leverage flexible pricing with Compute Savings Plan … Read more

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Data governance in the cloud – part 1 – People and processesData governance in the cloud – part 1 – People and processesCustomer Engineer, Google Cloud

In this blog, we’ll cover data governance as it relates to managing data in the cloud. We’ll discuss the operating model which is independent of technologies whether on-prem or cloud, processes to ensure governance, and finally the technologies that are available to ensure data governance in the cloud. This is a two part blog on … Read more

Megatrends drive cloud adoption—and improve security for allMegatrends drive cloud adoption—and improve security for allVP/CISO, Google Cloud

We are often asked if the cloud is more secure than on-premise infrastructure. The quick answer is that, in general, it is. The complete answer is more nuanced and is grounded in a series of cloud security “megatrends” that drive technological innovation and improve the overall security posture of cloud providers and customers. An on-prem … Read more

The Google Cloud DevOps Awards: Final call for submissions!The Google Cloud DevOps Awards: Final call for submissions!Product Marketing Manager

DevOps continues to be a major business accelerator for our customers and we continually see success from customers applying DevOps Research and Assessment (DORA) principles and findings to their organization. This is why the first annual DevOps Awards is targeted to recognize customers shaping the future of DevOps with DORA. Share your inspirational story, supported … Read more

AWS Toolkit for JetBrains IDEs adds support for ECS-Exec for troubleshooting ECS containers

The AWS Toolkit makes it easy to access the ECS service from AWS Explorer UI. Then, running a command is as easy as choosing a remote container or service, and selecting ‘run command in container’. This feature replaces the ECS Cloud Debug functionality that was previously in Beta. Checkout the updated functionality in the Toolkit User … Read more

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Want multi-cluster Kubernetes without all the cost and overhead? Here’s howWant multi-cluster Kubernetes without all the cost and overhead? Here’s howSenior Software Developer, Team Lead, Geotab

Editor’s note: Today, we hear from Mengliao Wang, Senior Software Developer, Team Lead at Geotab, a leading provider of fleet management hardware and software solutions. Read on to hear how the company is expanding on their adoption of Google Cloud to deliver new services for their customers by leveraging Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) multi-cluster features. … Read more

EMR Studio is now upgraded to JupyterLab v3.1.4

Amazon EMR Studio is an integrated development environment (IDE) that makes it easy for data scientists and data engineers to develop, visualize, and debug big data and analytics applications written in R, Python, Scala, and PySpark. With EMR Studio, you get fully managed notebooks based on JupyterLab. JupyterLab is the next-generation web-based user interface for open source Project … Read more

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AWS Firewall Manager now supports AWS Shield Advanced automatic application layer DDoS mitigation

AWS Firewall Manager now enables you to centrally deploy AWS Shield Advanced automatic application layer (L7) DDoS protections across accounts in your organization. AWS Shield Advanced automatic L7 DDoS protections block application layer DDoS events with no manual intervention needed. With this launch, security administrators for AWS Firewall Manager can now enable automatic L7 DDoS protections across … Read more

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Amazon EC2 C6g and R6gd instances powered by AWS Graviton2 now available in additional regions.

Starting today, the compute-optimized Amazon EC2 C6g instances are now available in Middle East (Bahrain) region. The C6g instances are ideal for compute-intensive applications such as high performance computing, video encoding, gaming, and CPU-based machine learning inference acceleration. Additionally, memory-optimized Amazon EC2 R6gd instances with local NVMe-based SSD storage are available in Asia Pacific (Mumbai), … Read more

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Are you a multicloud engineer yet? The case for building skills on more than one cloudAre you a multicloud engineer yet? The case for building skills on more than one cloudHead of Content

Over the past few months, I made the choice to move from the AWS ecosystem to Google Cloud — both great clouds! — and I think it’s made me a stronger, more well-rounded technologist. But I’m just one data point in a big trend. Multicloud is an inevitability in medium-to-large organizations at this point, as … Read more

Amazon EMR on EKS adds support for customized container images for interactive jobs run using managed endpoints

Data scientists and data analysts may need to use libraries in their code that are not available in the public distribution of Amazon EMR on EKS Spark runtime. Customers use custom images functionality to create Spark driver and executor images that contain their application dependencies. Until now, customers who used Amazon EMR on EKS’ managed … Read more

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Five do’s and don’ts CSPs should know about going cloud-nativeFive do’s and don’ts CSPs should know about going cloud-nativeOutbound Group Product Manager, Telecommunications

As communication service providers (CSPs) continue to focus on capitalizing on the promise of 5G, I’ve been having more conversations with operators and network equipment providers on why and how it may make sense to adopt cloud-native approaches. More specifically, we often discuss best practices around accelerating the time to value of 5G and simplifying … Read more

Amazon CloudWatch Logs announces AWS Organizations support for cross account Subscriptions

CloudWatch Logs now makes it easier for AWS Organizations customers to manage CloudWatch Logs Subscription Filter destination access policies. Subscription Filters are a feature that allow you to deliver log data in real-time to services such as Amazon Kinesis Data Streams, an Amazon Kinesis Data Firehose, or Amazon Lambda. Subscription Filters are also used to … Read more

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Build Your First AWS CDK Project

Infrastructure as Code made easy with Python Image from Unsplash by Tezos A while ago I wrote an article about AWS CloudFormation, an Infrastructure as Code tool that makes it easy to define and deploy infrastructure resources in a central yaml or json file. This makes it easy on developers to track and monitor any … Read more

Accelerate the in-vehicle digital experience with Azure Cognitive Services

Microsoft is helping to reshape the automotive industry in the way it serves its drivers with in-vehicle infotainment systems. As an example, Azure is partnering with XPeng to enable AI voice experiences for automotive brands and customers. The solution provides the industry with a fresh take on text-to-speech and expressive voice, global languages, speaker fidelity, … Read more, an AI-Powered Virtual Voice Assistant for Health Care

Build a chatbot with AWS Lex and Neo4j By Sixing Huang, Derek Ding, Emil Pastor, Irwan Butar Butar, Shiny Zhu. Supported by Maruthi Prithivirajan, Joshua Yu and Daniel Ng from Neo4j. I think a pinnacle of the future of health-care will be building the virtual medical coach to promote self-driving healthy humans. Acknowledging there’s no … Read more