Python Web Apps Are a Terrible Idea for Analytics Projects.

As long as you have only short-living requests or long-running tasks with only a few anticipated requests from users, you’re good. Python frameworks like Flask and Django are ideal because you can keep everything in one language — Python. The complexity arises when you have long-running tasks with significant demand. To keep the server up, … Read more

Data Transformation and Feature Engineering

When the data sample follows the power law distribution, we can use log scaling to transform the right skewed distribution into normal distribution. To achieve this, simply use the np.log() function. In this dataset, most variables fall under this category. before transformation (image by author) ## log transformation – power law distribution ##log_var = [‘Income_M$’, … Read more

Cleaning & Preprocessing Text Data by Building NLP Pipeline

What are the main NLP text preprocessing steps? The below list of text preprocessing steps is really important and I have written all these steps in a sequence how they should be. Step-1: Remove Accented Characters This is a crucial step to convert all characters like accented characters into machine-understandable language. So that further steps … Read more

Understanding Flask vs FastAPI Web Framework

A comparison of two different RestAPI frameworks Photo by Daria Shevtsova taken from Unsplash Introduction Being a Data Scientist does not end with Model Building, but working towards the next step, Model Deployment. Model Deployment is important to show your final results to others (or it could be your clients). This group of people might … Read more