External Uniqueness Constraints — Object-Role Modeling

External Uniqueness Constraints made easy Object-Role Modeling (ORM) is a graphical conceptual modelling technique used predominantly for database analysis and design, but used for any circumstance where you would like to document or define a data structure. The following is a typical Object-Role Model: An Object-Role Model. Image by author. External Uniqueness Constraints The purple … Read more

Recommendation Systems via Matrix Factorization

Exploring the MovieLens 100k dataset with SGD, autograd, and the surprise package. Photo by Charles Deluvio on Unsplash By Gavin Smith and XuanKhanh Nguyen This project was the third project for my machine learning class this semester. The project aims to train a machine learning algorithm using MovieLens 100k dataset for movie recommendation by optimizing … Read more

Common mistakes when plotting Graphs. How to use line graphs and bar graphs effectively.

Learn by comparison — Features of 4 typical graphs In this story, I will introduce how to select and create the type of graph, so that everyone can effectively understand, what you want to express with data at a glance. This article helps you decide when you think which graph should I used, or which … Read more