RSwitch 1.4.0 Released

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Swift 5 has been so much fun to hack on that there’s a new update to macOS R-focused mebubar utility RSwitch available. Along with the app comes a new dedicated RSwitch landing page and a new user’s guide since it has enough features to warrant such documentation. Here’s the new menu

The core changes/additions include:

To make RSwitch launch at startup, just add it as a login item to your user in the “Users & Groups” pane of “System Preferences”.

The guide has information on how all the existing and new features work plus provides documentation on the how to install the alternate R versions available at the R for macOS Developer’s Page. There’s also a slightly expanded set of information on how to contribute to RSwitch development.


As usual, kick the tyres, file feature requests or bug reports where you’re comfortable, & — if you’re macOS-dev-curious — join in the Swift 5 fun (it really is a pretty fun language).

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