Building a Sentiment Detection Bot with Google Cloud, a Chat Client, and Ruby.

Introduction In this series, I’ll explain how to create a chat bot that is capable of detecting sentiment, analyzing images, and finally having the basis of a evolving personality. This is part 1 of that series. The Pieces Ruby Sinatra Google Cloud APIs Line (a chat client) Since I live in Japan: I’ll be using … Read more

A line-by-line layman’s guide to Linear Regression using TensorFlow

Computing the Graph With generate_dataset() and linear_regression(), we are now ready to run the program and begin finding our optimal gradient W and bias b! [line 2, 3] x_batch, y_batch = generate_dataset()x, y, y_pred, loss = linear_regression() In this run() function, we start off by calling generate_dataset() and linear_regression() to get x_batch, y_batch, x, y, y_pred … Read more

Perplexity Intuition (and Derivation)

The perplexity of a discrete probability distribution is defined as: from where H(p) is the entropy of the distribution p(x) and x is a random variable over all possible events. In the previous post, we derived H(p) from scratch and intuitively showed why entropy is the average number of bits that we need to … Read more

Neural Nets: From Linear Regression to Deep Nets

Neural networks, especially deep neural networks, have received a lot of attention over the last couple of years. They perform remarkably well on image and speech recognition and form the backbone of the technology used for self-driving cars. What many people find hard to believe is that the mathematics of neural networks have been around … Read more

SQL Server

Columnstore A columnstore index can provide a very high level of data compression, typically by 10 times, to significantly reduce your data warehouse storage cost. For analytics, a columnstore index offers an order of magnitude better performance than a btree index. Columnstore indexes are the preferred data storage format for data warehousing and analytics workloads. … Read more

The future of data visualization

Tools to shape the future In many product announcements from Google, Apple and BMW, more and more data will be overlaid in our physical environments through augmented reality or projection. That means not only will data be visualized more, but the visual reality around us will be turned into data. Data visualization of a new AR … Read more

The Best Public Datasets for Machine Learning

First, a couple of pointers to keep in mind when searching for datasets. According to Carnegie Mellon University: 1.- A high-quality dataset should not be messy, because you do not want to spend a lot of time cleaning data. 2.- A high-quality dataset should not have too many rows or columns, so it is easy … Read more