Hypothesis Analysis Explained

Jul 19, 2018 Hypothesis analysis is a widely known concept and is used extensively by researchers, statisticians and quantitative analysts. It allows them to follow a set of formal steps to perform calculated analysis on their data. It is also widely used in machine learning and artificial intelligence. In this article, I will be explaining core concepts of … Read more

Docker Basics

Docker is a tool which helps developers build and ship high quality applications, faster, anywhere. Source Why Docker With Docker, developers can build any app in any language using any toolchain. Dockerized apps are completely portable and can run anywhere. Developers can get going by just spinning any container out of list on Docker Hub. … Read more

PySpark ML and XGBoost full integration tested on the Kaggle Titanic dataset

Jul 8, 2018 In this tutorial we will discuss about integrating PySpark and XGBoost using a standard machine learing pipeline. We will use data from the Titanic: Machine learning from disaster one of the many Kaggle competitions. Before getting started please know that you should be familiar with Apache Spark and Xgboost and Python. The … Read more

More advanced SQL Server for Data Scientists

In the previous post I covered the basics you need to know to work with SQL Server. In this post, I want to show you some more advanced techniques that I found pretty helpful. The topics I will cover include: How to speed up your queries with indices and using columnstore Using Views and Table … Read more