Estimating Intervention Effects using Baysian Models in R

Measuring the effect of an intervention on some metric is an important problem in many areas of business and academia. Imagine, you want to know the effect of a recently launched advertising campaign on product sales. In an ideal setting, you would have a treatment and a control group so that you can measure the … Read more

Using data.table deep copy

data.table is an awesome R package, but there are a few things you need to watch out for when using it. R usually does not modify objects in place (e.g. by reference), but makes a copy when you change a value and saves this copy. This can be a problem if you work with large datasets … Read more

The Mathematics of Decision Trees, Random Forest and Feature Importance in Scikit-learn and Spark

This post attempts to consolidate information on tree algorithms and their implementations in Scikit-learn and Spark. In particular, it was written to provide clarification on how feature importance is calculated. There are many great resources online discussing how decision trees and random forests are created and this post is not intended to be that. Although … Read more

Blogging with hugo & netlify

Here is a great tutorial on how to host hugo on netlify Other examples using the exact same theme: Creating the hugo site In order to create a new hugo site simply go: hugo new site [path] [flags] Create a new repository via git init the git repo and push it to the guthub repo: … Read more