Coding the Matrix

How to test the solutions python3 Lab 1: Introduction to Python—sets, lists, dictionaries, and comprehensions Python provides some simple data structures for grouping together multiple values, and integrates them with the rest of the language. These data structures are called collections. Sets A set is an unordered collection in which each value occurs … Read moreCoding the Matrix

Crossing Your Data Science Chasm

An analytics roadmap for growth Scenario — You’re an up-and-coming ecommerce/SaaS startup. You’ve got your site up, you have A/B tested your message, and you’ve got your SEO, and social ad buys. You’ve set up your email drip campaign and reminders. You also have basic BI reporting telling you channel traffic and conversions. Traffic is … Read moreCrossing Your Data Science Chasm

Python WebServer With Flask and Raspberry Pi

Let’s create a simple WebServer to control things in your home. There are a lot of ways to do that. For example, on my tutorial: IoT — Controlling a Raspberry Pi Robot Over Internet With HTML and Shell Scripts Only, we have explored how to control a robot over the local network using the LIGHTTPD WebServer. For … Read morePython WebServer With Flask and Raspberry Pi