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Statistical Learning and Knowledge Engineering All the Way Down

A path to combining machine learning and knowledge bases Photo by Joao Tzanno on Unsplash Doug Lenat, CEO of Cycorp, Inc. and AAAI Fellow, gave an interesting keynote talk at the AAAI Spring Symposium at Stanford University during the AAAI-Make session. Current trends in society contrast with the common perception that

Constructivist Machine Learning

A vision towards bringing machine learning closer to humans Photo by The Roaming Platypus on Unsplash Is there a way to re-interpret machine learning in a constructivist way? And more importantly, why should we do it? The answers to both questions are quite straightforward. Yes, we can do it, and the motivation

Feature Selection and Dimensionality Reduction

Remove features with missing values Checking for missing values is a good first step in any machine learning problem. We can then remove columns exceeding a threshold we define. # check missing valuestrain.isnull().any().any() False Unfortunately for our dimensionality reduction efforts, this dataset has zero missing values. Remove features with low variance In

Why Retailers Want to Fill More Data Scientist Positions

The role of data scientist is one of the most in-demand positions overall, but there’s particularly an effort in the retail sector to make use of the skills data scientists offer. Whether you’re currently a data scientist or aspire to become one, there are various reasons why retailers may want

Machine Learning Algorithms In Layman’s Terms, Part 2

With that, onto the data science! Now that we have covered gradient descent, linear regression, and logistic regression in Part 1, let’s get to Decision Trees and Random Forest models. Decision Trees A decision tree is a super simple structure we use in our heads everyday. It’s just a representation

Generate Piano Instrumental Music by Using Deep Learning

Hello everyone! Finally, I can write again on my Medium and have free time to do some experiments on Artificial Intelligence (AI). This time, I am going to write and share about how to generate music notes by using Deep Learning. Unlike my previous article about generating lyrics, this time

Automation, Risk and Robust Artificial Intelligence

An interview with Professor Thomas Dietterich on the need for high reliability in socio-technical systems involving AI. Photo by Laurent Perren on Unsplash The ways in which artificial intelligence (AI) is woven into our everyday lives can hardly be overstated. Powerful deep machine-learning algorithms increasingly predict what movies we want to

Tinkering with Tensors and Other Great Adventures

Motivations Why implement a research paper? And why NLP? Let’s start with the latter. Assuming you want to create beneficial AI for the sustained good of humanity (and I mean, who wouldn’t?), you’d necessarily have to create a system capable of advanced reasoning, and which could preferably explain the contents

AI Safety: problematic cases for current algorithms

Artificial Intelligence is currently one of the hottest topics out there, mostly for bad reasons than good. On one hand, we’ve been able to achieve major breakthroughs in technology, putting us one step closer to creating thinking machines with human like perception. On the other, we gave rise to a

Data science effectiveness as a UX problem

We data scientists spend so much of our effort helping you understand your users that… you forget that we are users too. Data scientists are users too. There are many instances where it feels like someone attempted to make a data science tool for data scientists without ever having met a